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Michael Nixon
Licensed Agent since: 2000
Speciality: Medicare Supplements, Individual and Small Group
Anae Balistreri
Agent Assistant
Call Us Today! 707-894-9882

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About Nixon Business

Nixon Business is owned and operated by Mike Nixon, Mike has been in the insurance business for over 17 years and a business owner for over 20 years. Licensed to sell individual, small group and medicare insurance in California, specializing in senior products. Mike has previously been on the local senior center board and president, giving him a unique understanding of the importance of getting seniors the information they deserve regarding the complex world of medicare. 

A unique aspect of Nixon Business is that Mike meets with his clients at the location of their choosing, whether that be their home or a local coffee shop. Mike has found that many of his clients prefer their homes, making them comfortable and able to get the most of the meeting. At the end of the day, we want each and every client to be glad they chose to work with us. 

Anae' joined Nixon Business in 2014 and works as Mike's assistant, dedicated to providing clients with excellent service. Although she is relatively new to Nixon Business, she has been working for Mike in his other business since 2005.